The x-stream concept Group premier three (3) passionate Lover of God’s works and his kingdom, Solomon Ubeke, Isaac Ezekiel and Chinedu Victory, who Airplay some of their Recent Recorded Videos.

Isaac Ezekiel who’s a singer, a musician (drummer),fell in love with music from a very tender age most especially love songs..
He loves listening to people like Mali music,Ed Sheeran etc.

Solomon Ubeke, Who’s a pianist and a music lover, making music is his desire that’s why the passion came to join the group X-streamconcept.
He have been playing the keyboard for quit some time. listening to cool and nice music is his lifestyle. That’s why they decided to do cover of songs at X-streamconcept.

Chinedu Victory, a music Lover. I’ve loved music so much that I decided to make music. I make music with My guitar and I love to play anytime! Good Music has been my happy place and that’s what we make at x-streamconcept music group, good music.

Watch “Mali music Beautiful” Cover by X-streamconcept

Watch ”Ed Sheeran Perfect” Cover by X-streamconcept