Chris Symbols’ unusual calmness in releasing songs surprised everyone until recently he announced the release of his first single for the year.

Listening to this beautiful piece set to drop on 27th October, 2018, one can tell why he had to take so much time after releasing great songs like Idi Ebube, Your Presence, Hope For Tomorrow, and the all time Mma Mma Gi. He is finally set to break the long silence with this Thanksgiving song he titled HALLELUYAH.

One awesome thing about the song is that, there is a line for everyone.
He promised to follow up on this with other great tunes soon.

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Oo uuu oooo
oooooo oooooo
This is my testimony.
Eeeeehh, it’s Chris Symbols..
Oooooo uu oooooo.

You don too bless my life, eeh!
You don too bless my life, ooh
You don dey change my story, you turned my life to blessings, papa you don too bless my life oh.
When my enemies gathered against me, they were trying to bring me down, papa you shut them up for me.
I been marry for many years, without the fruit of the womb, but today you blessed me with plenty children.
For so many years, I live in face me I face you {one room} but today I have many houses.
You don too bless my life ooh, papa mooh, na him I come to give you praise (Response: PRAISE).

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L.V. Come and join me sing Halleluyah oh
Response: Halleluyah to the most high.. Halleluyah to the most high.

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Onumu juru n’ekele eeeh, papa mooh because owegi ihe karirigi omume, you can do all things oooh.
Oba to soun gbo gbo, agbanilagbatan eeh… My savior my redeemer..
You have done what no man can do for me eeeh, and you will do what no man can do for me eeeh.
Afo Amanam see so, ikpikaninam Mino mayen… Medidinafi itoro, heeyy!

Come and join me sing Halleluyah oooh.
Halleluyah to the most high
Halleluyah to the most high