Abuja based recording music worshiper and prophetess Blessing Sylvester who is also behind the voice of the song YOU has brought to you another chain breaking song in Igbo language titled CHIMO(MY GOD).

Chimo is a worship song that was birthed out of reflection on how God has lifted his people from one stand to a higher standard.

Chimo is a song of worship that will speaks to everyone by helping them to reflect on thier past lives and weighing the difference between thier present and thier past. Due to life hustle we sometimes forget where God has brought us from, one way or the other God has done something great for us he may have given you a job, family, buisness, saved you from sickness or death or he may have just given you a testimony on your heart desires or possibly he showed up for you at the 11th hour to rescue you and we must never forget it or take it for granted.

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Chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God)
chimo(my God)
chima obim dalu eh (The God who knows my heart thank you)2×

You light my way baba oh.
You have healed all my wounds.
You gave me testimony.
You have made me smile again.
You picked me from the dust.
And you clothe me with your glory.
Chinecherem bim chukwu (The God that has me in mind).
Odigho onye dika gi oh(There is no one else like you).

Chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God) chimo(my God)
chimo(my God)
chima obim dalu eh (The God who knows my heart thank you)..
Call and response add lip
Call : The untouchable God
Response :The God who heals my heart…
Call : The supreme being
Response : ( God pass native doctor).
The mighty man of war
Whos like unto you

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Oh father i love you lord
I worship you.
I thank you because there is no one like you on earth.
Father i exalt your name.
Even when the world turned thier back against me lord.
You where there for me lord Jesus Christ.
You have delivered me from the shackles of death.
You have delivered me from the shackles of struggle eh eh.
Father i exalt your name

I worship you lord Jesus Christ.
Oh father thank you.
If not for you who will i have been lord Jesus.
Without you i am nothing.
Without you i am nothing.
You have given me another testimony.
You have made me to smile again.
You have silent the mouth of my enemies oh Lord king of glory.
I worship you lord Jesus.
I thank you.
I love you lord.
Oh Jesus there is no one like you.
I worship you lord Jesus.
Thank you for cleaning my tears.
Thank you for changing my story.
Second chorus add lips
Chimo chimo (My God my God )
Onye olebube dàlu oh (The wonder worker thank you )
Ikuku ámá na nya(The air which trap could not hold )
Who is greater than you Jesus
Who is to compare with you Jesus
We llift our hands to give u all the glory
We lift our voice to give you all the thanks
My God …………….


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